Jewelry with a Mission March 01, 2015 23:14

When I first came across Miriam Designs I was floored by their story and continued mission. Miriam Designs began after Founder, Gracie Moakler, met Ronza at a Nashville, Tennessee grocery store. Ronza shared her personal story of overcoming addition and Gracie was so inspired that she went home and stamped the word “HOPE" on a copper disc and created a necklace to give her as a gift. 

From there Gracie’s jewelry grew into a collection and in 2012, into a business. Miriam Designs now employs women in recovery and gives them a supportive environment to learn new skills and find their way back into to the work force. For women who had previously labeled themselves as “addict” or “alcoholic” finding a new label of “jewelry maker” or “expert wire wrapper” can be a powerful thing. 

Addiction is something that touches all of us in one way or another. I am beyond inspired to see how one woman has created such a supportive environment for recovery, while at the same time producing on-trend, elegant jewelry pieces. I’m proud to stock a variety of necklaces and earrings from Miriam Designs at Wander and hope you’ll share with me in supporting this brand’s mission.

More on Gracie and the Miriam Team, as well as a glimpse into their creative workspace, can be seen on this video.