Handmade with Love...and a Saw March 02, 2015 22:26

Butternut Brooklyn is a cute name for some seriously designed wooden cutting and serving boards. Handmade by woodworker Peter Cavanaugh, in his Gowanus, Brooklyn workshop, each piece is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. These boards are built to last.

Peter is the grandson of a harpsichord maker. His woodworking is inspired by what he learned from spending countless childhood hours in his grandfather’s workshop and also by classic and minimal shapes.

These two inspirations may seem at odds, but really, what they amount to is a collection of beautiful and highly functional wooden cutting and serving boards.

Peter, with the help of the Butternut Brooklyn sidekick, Sarahana, brings interesting sections and types of wood (mainly walnut, cherry and maple) together to create boards large and small with a variety of handle types.

Wander is proud to carry Butternut Brooklyn boards. They are perfect for not only cutting and serving, but also look sharp displayed on a kitchen counter. Some favorites are the Mixed Bell, Tall Double Handle and Gooseneck. Which style do you like best?