Meet Jenny Highsmith August 25, 2015 12:22

Jenny Highsmith's hand lettered prints have become a staple on the Wander Truck.

A selection of her prints hang on a ladder outside the truck at most stops and people constantly walk by and point, smile or laugh at the phrase that resonates most with them.

Lately the favorite has been this one:

Sound like your Friday night?

Jenny got started in 2013. She was newly married and she and her husband had just moved into a new apartment. They didn't have much money for decorating the walls, so she decided to create art.

She loved the results and so did her friends and family. They started requesting prints and finally it got to the point where she opened an online shop.

But she is not just a lettering expert, she is also one half of the creative powerhouse behind the Atlanta-based blog, Maiedae.

Along with her business partner and best friend, Savannah Wallace, the two provide professional creative services and write about motherhood, faith, family, beauty and giving yourself an extra dose of needed love. I heart today's post about giving yourself a style refresher.

Jenny's prints focus on inspiring quotes and messages. She hopes they serve as a "positive voice in your head when there are none."  So if your home or confidence are in need of a little boost, consider making one yours.

They sell for $15 in the Wander online shop or on the truck. We also offer all styles framed in reclaimed barn wood frames for $34. And we're thrilled to carry some limited edition quotes and phrases, found only at Wander!