An Interview With Laura from Wander January 14, 2016 15:33

In 2016, I'm kicking off a new, weekly feature on the Wander blog. In the past I've introduced you to the makers at Wander by telling you what I love about them. But now I'll be twisting things around a bit, and asking each maker four simple questions. These questions are meant to help you get to know them better and introduce you to their products, inspiration and goals for 2016.

To start this series, I interviewed myself. Here goes nothing!


Q:  What did you do before founding Wander?

A: I was Director of Marketing for Mariposa, a tableware and gift brand. Part of my role was working with boutique owners to promote Mariposa products in their stores. I gained a lot of inspiration from these amazing small business owners, as well as the owner of Mariposa--she started her business years ago, in her parent's garage. I also helped them create and launch an e-commerce website. Many things I did and learned at Mariposa helped me to become a successful small business owner myself.

Q: What inspired you to build the Wander Truck?

A: I had always been interested in owning my own boutique, but was afraid of the investment that comes with launching a brick & mortar store. I stumbled across a blog post on mobile retailers and was immediately obsessed, emailing my husband that day to tell him my new career plan. I think he thought I wanted to buy a food truck!

The idea for the American made goods aspect of Wander came shortly after. I had been attending trade shows for my old job which introduced me to many great makers. I loved learning the stories of how their businesses got started!

So when deciding what to sell at Wander it came down to the fact that I wanted to work with other passionate, small business owners. Not large companies that were mass producing products. I love being able to show a customer a product and say, "That's made by Karrie. She's from Missouri and used to work in advertising before she found her passion for textile design."

Q: Explain Wander in five words or less.

A: American made boutique on wheels.

Q: What is your goal for Wander in 2016?

A: Introduce more people to Wander! Once the Winter hibernation is over, I plan to take the Wander Truck to more events, events in different areas of Massachusetts, and to set up in Boston during the week. Follow Wander on Instagram or Facebook to see where we are set up every day!


Thanks for reading this interview and be sure to check out next week's interview with Razimus Jewelry Founder Virginia Fretto.