An Interview with Virginia from Razimus Jewelry January 20, 2016 06:00

Razimus Jewelry is a line of fabric stacking bracelets, neck-to-wristwear, and statement necklaces that are eco-designed and handmade from plant-dyed silk, organic cotton, upcycled and vintage deconstructed clothing.


Reducing waste, supporting organic fabric production, and giving new life to vintage garments, Razimus Jewelry is founded on sustainable fashion practices.  

Founder Virginia Fretto named her company Razimus after a word her PopPop created. She says, "A Razimus is a word that my PopPop made up to describe a reward that he bestows upon his kids and grandkids when something is well-deserved or accomplished. A Razimus can take the form of anything and is often illusive."


I asked her four questions about Razimus, here are her answers:

Q: What did you do before founding Razimus?

A: Have you ever had a job that you literally were just there for the paycheck? Yep, that was me before founding Razimus Jewelry. After moving to Saratoga Springs, NY from Boston, MA, I took a corporate job in a field that had ZERO creativity, but paid well. I reached a pivotal point in my career there and finally listened to my (entrepreneurial) heart and decided to pursue my passions for brand building, design and social responsibility.

Prior to moving to upstate NY, I lived, went to college, and worked in Boston for 8 years. I graduated from MassArt with a fashion design degree then worked directly for Polo Jeans Company in an innovative marketing/merchandising role in one of their top selling doors - Macy's Boston, until their acquisition by Ralph Lauren. Then I worked at Hearts on Fire, a diamond jewelry company, where I started as an Executive Assistant and later developed social responsibility programming. Both of these experiences unearthed my love for branding and for working for passionate businesses with socially responsible practices.


Q: What inspired you to start making jewelry?

A: Two things, really. One, I wanted to design something totally unique and innovative that I could build an eco-friendly brand around. And two, COMFORT! I love wearing jewelry but was getting so tired of big metal, layered metal, noisy metal, uncomfortable metal, poorly made non-metal, and clasps that required an assistant to put on and take off. Because I'm in my element working with fabrics, I decided to start experimenting with using fabrics to create the bands and have evolved from 3+ hour labor, hand-beaded cuffs to completely unique and recognizable fabric designs. These are perfect for layering (and wearing comfortably ALL DAY!) and the design has a locking magnetic clasp that you can maneuver one-handed. (Woohoo!)


Q: Describe Razimus Jewelry in five words or less.

A: Handmade, Comfortable, Sustainable, Fabric, Jewelryrazimus-neck-to-wristwear

Q: What is your goal for Razimus Jewelry in 2016?

A: GoalS - with an S :-) - we love them! In 2016 we are focusing on getting Razimus Jewelry out in front of MORE passionate customers so they can see, feel and share our unique designs with their friends. In the works, we are building a super fun commissioned rep program for hosting private trunk shows (psst...join our mailing list {} to be one of the first to know when it launches).

And we will be introducing a collaborative capsule collection with another amazing jewelry designer - available Spring 2016 - that includes some never before seen designs and products, as well as working to make our packaging even more eco-friendly.


Thanks for reading this interview with Virginia from Razimus Jewelry. Shop bracelets, necklaces, and neck-to-wristwear combo pieces. The pieces currently in stock are from Razimus's 2015 Wanderer perfect for our shop!