An Interview with Kathy from Earth-In Canteen February 03, 2016 11:06

Earth-In Canteen creates beautiful, ceramic water bottles, handmade from California clay and certified lead-free, non-toxic glazes.

The bottles are much lighter and sturdier than you might expect. Glazes include stunning blues, purple and yellow, and the bottles are finished with a cork top.


I personally use a turquoise bottle on a regular basis, stowing it in my tote bag or the side pocket of my backpack when I'm on the Wander Truck.

I was curious how Kathy and her husband, Rick, got started making this product. So I asked them my favorite four questions. Here are her answers:


Q: What did you do before founding Earth-In Canteen?

A: Rick and I co-founded Klean Kanteen, the original stainless steel water bottle. Rick is also a raft guide.


Q: What inspired you to start making your products?

(Sidenote: Isn't there son, George, the cutest?)

A: We wanted to collaborate with fellow Klean Kanteen co-founder Robert Seals on a 'made in the USA' bottle and ceramic was a natural and unique choice. It's been an awesome, feel-good experience.


Q: Explain Earth-In Canteen in five words or less.

A: Stoneware, Sustainability, Made in California.


Q: What is your goal for Earth-In Canteen in 2016?

A: We have a few big ones: 1. Continue talking about the value of choosing American made products. 2. Introduce new designs to easily replace everyday single-use containers or re-usables that are made in China.


Thanks for reading this interview with Kathy from Earth-In Canteen. Be sure to check out their water bottles in four gorgeous glazes!