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Lifelong Friends Create Letterpress Brand with Midwest Style April 11, 2015 14:18

(pictured left to right: Karen, Beth, Carrie)

Lifelong friends Carrie and Beth always loved to draw. When they grew up they found a love for letterpress and decided to start a company together. The company name, 1canoe2, comes from, "Summers spent dreaming up big ideas around a campfire and floating together down a spring-fed Missouri River in a canoe: one canoe, two girls."

Shortly after beginning their letterpress journey the two girls asked Carrie's sister-in-law, Karen, to join the team. Now, three women strong, 1canoe2 creates beautiful cards, calendars, prints and other letterpress goodies in a big red barn on Carrie's family farm in Missouri. 

Here are some shots of the interior of the barn. What a unique workspace!

Not only are the letterpress ladies somewhat related, they also receive help and support from other family members for many aspects of their business. Carrie's dad helped to create their barn workspace. And Beth's dad is the woodworker behind the custom wood boxes that house 1canoe2 recipe card sets and address card sets.

1canoe2 designs are inspired by their Midwest surroundings, bright colors, and a love of drawing. We have numerous 1canoe2 cards, notepads and the recipe and address boxes for sale at Wander. Take a look!