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My Curly Hair Connection with Leah Duncan April 06, 2015 22:00 1 Comment

Before I add a product to the Wander website, I like to learn about how the product is made, along with a bit about the maker. When I first started to research Leah Duncan's work, I immediately liked her because I saw her photo and noticed she had crazy, brown, curly hair and glasses. Just like me!

Is that enough of a reason to add her products to Wander? No, of course not. Luckily her designs are amazing as well.

Leah is an illustrator based in Austin, Texas. Each piece in her collection of art prints, cards, tea towels, scarves and pillows is hand drawn and reflects her unique sensibility.

She is inspired by a love of nature, her east Austin neighborhood, the Southwest, and her Cherokee roots. Wow, that's a lot of inspiration. But somehow she translates that into clean shapes and interesting patterns, sometime colorful, sometimes monochromatic.

She uses locally sources textiles and many of the items in her collection are produced by hand, in her Texas studio. She also signs and numbers all her prints, which makes them each unique...perfect for a special gift or to display in your home with pride.

I know I'm not supposed to play favorites. But out of all the Leah Duncan products we carry at Wander, my absolute favorite is the Leif Pillow. Simple and gorgeous at the same time!

Shop Leah Duncan in scarves, pillows, tea towels, art prints and cards.

Photos courtesy of leahduncan.com.