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Tour the Wander Truck June 30, 2015 11:58

The Wander Truck hit the road in mid-June, despite rainy weather for our first two events.

Here is a little peek inside the truck. Please excuse the quality of some of these photos. They are taken with my iPhone. But I'm working on setting up some professional ones soon!

Looking into the truck, from the fabulous wooden stairs my brother, Keegan, built.

The stairs snap in place when we park, but easily come apart and nest together in the back of the truck, to save space, when we're driving around. I'm very lucky to have an engineer helping me out!

The left side of the truck includes a bench with upholstered seat that showcases hand blocked pillows and the wall above provides space for hanging banners or prints.

Next to the bench is a larger bookshelf stained in a driftwood finish. This space is the perfect area for little vignettes. Here is a nautical theme with some of our great Summer items.

The back wall features cards, hung above the pallet table that we built.

Then on the back, right wall we installed a hook system for hanging bags and scarves.

Next to this is a table, built over the wheel, that houses our collection of handmade jewelery.

And finally, more hooks for larger bags.

 Here are some more shots of whole boutique.


As we spend more time on the road, we'll be changing up the displays and elements inside the truck. So be sure to check us out in person at an upcoming event!

Truck Update #2 June 25, 2015 23:02

I'm proud to say the Wander Truck is now road-ready!

In our last update we left off after the walls were installed. A lot of work went into the truck between then and now, so I put together another recap. This was really a labor of love that involved a little blood, a lot of sweat, and a few tears.

Here's the walls after they were installed:

From there my amazing stepmom, Susan, applied a whitewash paint treatment one Saturday while I was busy running the Pop Up Shop.

I was incredibly grateful for her help. And on top of it, she left me flowers from her garden as a surprise that day!

While the walls were being painted, Head of Construction, Keegan, along with my husband, Brian, got busy framing boxes over the wheel wells. After that we added laminate flooring.

Then we took a little break from doing the work ourselves and turned the truck over to the professionals for installation of LED lights and ceiling fans.

As well as a sparkling, new, white, exterior coat of paint and vinyl logos. It's hard to tell from the photos, but a fresh coat of white paint really made a big difference!

Once we had the truck back at home, we got to work on the trim. At first we planned to use crown molding, which was an epic fail. Plan B was to trim with straight boards. This was infinitely easier to execute and ended up looking way better, in my opinion. Here's us cutting and painting trim.

We also built a table out of pallet wood and stairs for the truck.

Here's us testing them out.

Then we pulled everything together with a few coats of stain.

Fenway helped.

After everything was dry, we loaded the truck and added some hooks to the walls.

At this point we were pretty pleased with the results. The look is neutral with some handmade pieces. Overall a great backdrop to make all the American made goods shine!

Next up on the blog, a tour of the truck in action!

Want to see the truck for yourself? Join us at an upcoming event.

An Update on the Wander Truck May 17, 2015 12:18

I know some of you have been curious about the progress we are making on the Wander Truck.

In a perfect world the truck would have been ready for it's debut by now. But that's not always how things work. After spending a few more weeks than expected hanging with the mechanic, the truck returned home and we got to work on converting the back from your standard FedEx set up, to something a little more boutique-like.

This is my helper, Keegan. He's my younger brother, just returned home from 2+ years in the Peace Corps in Africa. He was head of the construction crew. Which basically consisted of him, myself, my husband and this guy.

We had lots of demo to do before we could get started on the construction. And lots of FedEx remnants to clean up/tear out.

Tearing out the old, aluminum shelves was the worst part. Many of them were riveted in to the sides of the truck and we had to drill them out.

Let's just say my knowledge of power tools has greatly expanded in the past few weeks. And I have made more trips than I care to count to our local home improvement stores.

Once we got everything out, we gave the whole truck and thorough cleaning. 20+ years of dirt and grime is pretty gross. But in the midst of all that, I did find a single Scrabble tile with the letter "L" on it. Since my first name is Laura I'm taking that as a sign of good luck.

 Here is the cleaned out photo of the back, before we started construction.

Then it was time for more shopping. This time for wood to build a frame, that would later support the plywood walls. And some insulation.

Framing in progress.

And nearly complete! (Excuse the mess).

Then more of what we do best...shopping for supplies. This time it was for plywood for the walls.

(This is our buddy Carlos from the local Lowes. He's the man! And our new best friend.)

Drywall was out of the question because it would crack with the movement and temperature fluctuation. So we opted for the plywood panels with a nice grain. I'm in the process of whitewashing these panels now, but more on that in the next update.

Here are the walls installed.

There were a lot more steps to get from buying the plywood to having it installed, but they involved a lot of swearing when things didn't fit, a small black eye, and two very tired laborers, so let's skip that and admire the finished product!

Next up is paint, flooring, installing fixtures and some other exciting work that we're leaving up to professionals. Photos and another recap coming soon!